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This website is in its early stages of development. Included is just an appetizer to the future contents. Your comments and contributions will be welcomed, and may be sent to ThePhilosopherPrincess@gmail.com.


The Philosopher Princess is collecting real-life stories to illustrate philosophical truths, the real results of political and social programs, and studies of Reality.

An Invitation

If you have true stories, relevant anecdotes, or empirical evidence in the enumerated areas of interest, The Philosopher Princess would appreciate your additions to her collections.

Please only send factual material of which you have personal knowledge. 

For this website, The Philosopher Princess is not interested in urban legends, fiction, rumors, parables, forwarded articles, fakes, or sillinesses. Those can sometimes be valuable, but do not fit the goals herein.

If your story is not firsthand knowledge, but you have good reason to believe that it is true, please share the information about where you got it and why you believe it to be true, along with the story.

Shared Information

The Philosopher Princess Collections are being developed for research and illustration of relevant philosophical truths, so anything submitted will become the property of The Philosopher Princess to edit for publication in research papers, email and internet writing, magazine articles, and/or books.

Welcome to All

While different countries exercise control differently, the nature of Government and the nature of people who attempt to force their way onto others is universal.

The Philosopher Princess is interested in collecting stories from any country and from any person (as long as the criteria of sincerity of truth is met).

American English is the Princess's native language so submissions need to be in English to be understood by her.

But if English is not your first language, please do not feel intimidated. The story is most important, so if your English is good enough for that to come through, great! The Princess (and her staff) may edit your submissions to improve the linguistic form while staying true to the original story as is possible.

We don't want to put words into your mouth that you did not intend, so you may be asked to provide more information. And, you should verify any edits.


Your privacy is important to The Philosopher Princess. Contributors' and commentators' names, email addresses, and other contact information will not be sold, rented, or otherwise shared. They will not be used for spamming. They may be used for very infrequent sharing of information relevant to this website and its subject. This privacy policy is in place even if the Philosopher Princess knows you (well, or just to a certain extent) in person or on discussion forums.

You may make special requests (such as to be notified of something), which will be considered. You may also receive personal feedback from The Philosopher Princess, for example, questions regarding the authenticity of submitted materials. If you will allow your name and/or location being displayed, please specify your approval.

Names and other personal identifiers that are already publicly available are considered valid for including herein. For example, since the Frihost Forums are public, quotes with Frihost nicknames from there may be used here.

Princess Collectibles

Personal Experiences

Below are some of the areas in which The Philosopher Princess is gathering stories of personal experience. 

Note that when the word stories is used herein, it does not mean fictional stories. It does mean personal stories that the story author has reason to believe are true, even if they were relayed by someone else.

Misapplied Assistance

Stories of well-meaning people using government programs to try to help others, but causing more damage by doing so. Examples would be welfare programs that keep people in poverty, education programs that keep people in ignorance, justice programs that increase crime and suffering, relief programs that keep people from helping themselves, etc.

Death by Government

Stories of government run amok, the misuse of deadly force, programs that kill by denying health care choices (such as medical marijuana, alternative cancer cures, or affordable medicine from Canada and Mexico), and stories about the casualties from the border wars, drug wars, war on terrorism, etc.


Stories about the inefficiency, wasted resources, poor quality and service, inability of monopolies (especially government-enforced monopolies) to improve.

Read Monopoly Collectibles.

Civil Enforcement and Interference

Examples of government enforcement run amok in areas of civil enforcement, such as family protective services, code enforcement, required permits and inspections, business licensing, and other bothersome interference in the lives and livelihoods of people.

Read Building Inspector Collectibles.

Taxation and Bondage

Studies of the economic results of taxes and bonds, the costs (damage) to businesses, homeowners, renters, consumers, and the community, studies comparing of the benefits (perceived and real) with the costs (perceived and real), etc.

Political Corruption

Stories of good people corrupted by power, corrupt people rising to the top because of the nature of political systems, crimes in high places, misuse of political power, theft, bribery, and corruption at any and all levels of government.

Non-Corrupt Politicians

Are there any non-corrupt politicians? A Frihost Forum is in pursuit to find the answer.

Read Supplemental Information on the Search.